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Installing Brand New Doors For An Upgraded Look And Feel For Your Home


Are you looking to work with the leading remodeling contractor for Ocean Springs homes to replace your interior or exterior doors? New doors not only address lingering issues with old or damaged doors—they also add a lot of extra curb appeal to any home. We're experts when it comes to installing and replacing residential doors, so be sure to give us a call at 228-271-3200 today to learn more about your options and how our team of experts can help!

Replacing Old Or Damaged Doors So You Don't Have To

If you're in need of brand new door installation or replacement for your Ocean Springs property, the team of experts here at 1st Choice Home Improvements has always got you and your home covered. If it's time to replace your interior or exterior doors, we're here to help. While some door fixes are easy enough to handle on your own, replacement should always be performed by a pro for the greatest results.

Need assistance remodeling other areas of your home? We also provide siding services to give your home a brand new look and feel!

Frequently Asked Door Questions

Absolutely! There are many varieties of both interior and exterior doors out there to choose from, and we understand that it can be overwhelming to find the best possible look and feel for your home. We'll make the process a whole lot easier by helping sort through your options and presenting the ones that will most closely match both your vision and your individual needs.

In some cases, knowing when it's time to replace your doors is easy. If the door is visibly broken or damaged in some way, then the need for replacement is pretty self-explanatory. However, there are some less obvious issues that can arise that indicate it's time to replace, including:

  • Drafts and/or suddenly higher utility bills. If you're suddenly experiencing drafts or you notice your utility bill is higher than normal when you haven't changed your energy usage habits, it's a pretty good indicator that your exterior doors might need replacement. Drafty doors make your energy appliances work a lot harder to make up for the sudden need for extra heating or cooling, which is where a higher utility bill comes into play.
  • Squeaky or creaky doors. Sometimes a squeaky or creaky door isn't cause for too much concern and can be easily fixed at home without the need for replacement. But if you find that you're constantly fixing a squeaky door and that your efforts don't stick, it's likely time to replace it for good.


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